New look to StarkGuardians

The OG collection of Starknet, SGN, maintains its blue chip value with its mission of continuous development and production.

Building Pyramid Market & In partnership with Dolven Labs

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StarkGuardians are distinct cyber female characters developed on Starknet. Their mission is to safeguard investors by overseeing NFT projects and leading the way in security innovation.


StarkDefenders form an unbreakable alliance with StarkDefenders. Fueled by their commitment to the Starknet community, they stand ready with their brilliant technological skills, mastery of coding, keen intellect, and innovative spirit.

Joined Forces!

StarkGuardians is the first-ever NFT collection on Starknet, leading the way with a unique approach of decreasing supply. Now, the collection includes 323 unique pieces.


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What is StarkGuardians about?

StarkGuardians is an NFT project featuring unique cyber female characters within the Starknet ecosystem. These characters are responsible for security and auditing tasks within the digital realm. Its purpose is to protect investors overseeing NFT projects and to be a pioneer in security. From now on, StarkGuardians joins forces with StarkDefenders.

What is the relationship between Pyramid & Dolven Labs team?

Dolven Labs is the company behind of Pyramid and StarkGuardians. Pyramid market built by the collaboration of StarkGuardians and Dolven Labs.

Who are in the StarkGuardians team?


CEO & Founder


CTO & Core Developer


Community Manager


Core Developer




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